Turning inventions into winning businesses

In order to turn great inventions into winning businesses it is crucial to dive into the details. Understanding of which are necessities, critical requirements to compete versus real competitive advantages requires thorough thinking, systematic approach and straight forward execution.

Newe has developed an business assessment model to verify invention, of any kind. During the verification process inventions are not only analyzed but also further developed. Part of the assessment is a competitive landscape, goto market and team assements.



Acceleration assessment

With its strategic partners Newe can provide full acceleration service package. It may vary from Business Development work to all relevant company business services with an operative CxO role. Based on the needs of our customers and market.

Newe’s strategic partners are top tier professionals in their own field, from recognized world class designers into to team coaches that can make difference. With this uniques combination Newe can provide balanced and timed services to all its group companies.




Financing of early growth

Every single invention requires properly timed financing backing, which then will allow teams to focus on the most essential things in their business execution. Being it product development, marketing, sales or customer deliveries.

Newe partners has extensive track record in structuring deals: as an investment banker, corporate Venturist or private venturist. In past three years Newe has closed over twenty (20) financing cases.

In typical finaning package Newe will combine its own funding with governmental and smart private (or company) funding. Size of the total funding packages varies from seed financing up to several millions of syndicated growth financing.


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